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How it all began

My name is Devyn Denton, RN, and I am the director and founder of Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Incorporated. I started as a medical assistant and worked my way up and through nursing school meeting the most amazing people along the way. In nursing school, I was our nursing class president, and I was then elected to the National Student Nurses Association. I sat on the NSNA national board and was then voted onto the Oklahoma Nurses Association board of directors, and finally elected to the American Nurses Association board of directors.

Now I live in Oklahoma, and we have our share of tornadoes and tons of other disasters including floods, earthquakes, and droughts. On May 20, 2013, three things happened. First, I took a Facebook picture of a tornado going over my house, but missing us completely. Second, I started getting texts and calls about my Oklahoma (Moore) Nursing colleagues “getting hit hard” and it being an “EF5” tornado. The third thing is what made my servant’s, nursing heart so glad. I posted on Facebook and started texting my friend from out of town if they could please help, that the need was too great. That awesome global network of nursing colleagues, physicians, family, businesses, and friends got together to get nurses who had just overcome such tragedy exactly what they needed to get back to work and back to earning an income while piecing their families together. Through that little “operation”, we collected scrubs, shoes, penlights, pulse ox, stethoscopes, and equipment bags. We helped find temporary housing, and helped connect some nurses to other disaster organizations or private resources, etc. My colleagues even sent beauty products so that they could have something beautiful in the middle of the ugly. Every single nurse’s need was met. This was a huge accomplishment and a massive undertaking that could not have been successful without a network of succor. In hindsight, I recognize that it is easier to replace material possessions than it was to heal hearts from the trauma. But it is still possible to fill hearts with compassion, kindness and even a few gifts. This is exactly what Operation Nurses Helping Nurses Incorporated is about.

We concentrate our charitable works for front-line nurses but do not exclude other front-line personnel involved which include other units in the hospital, physicians, providers, Fire, EMT, EMS, Rescue, Police, Air transport, communities, etc., are also encompassed in our efforts.

ONHN, Inc. is based in Oklahoma, but delivers global support, material, and encouragement to areas in which a large trauma, disaster or crisis occurs. Support and material will differ due to situational constraints and needs.

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