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We are a nurse-to-nurse global support system.

We expect a lot from our healthcare providers. They have to be knowledgeable, professional, tireless, compassionate and dedicated. However, we’re also human beings. As healthcare professionals, we don’t only provide care to strangers, we often find ourselves in the position of treating our families, friends and neighbors.

There’s no secret that our’s is a high stress work environment. When tragedy strikes — whether natural or man made — the stress levels are even higher. Nurses are essential members of the network of first responders but we are also the professionals most involved in administering long-term care for our patients. Care and professionalism permeate everything that we do.

Unfortunately, our stresses are often overlooked or ignored by others, even by some of our fellow healthcare providers. Operation Nurses Helping Nurses (ONHN),Inc. is nurse-to-nurse global support system that provides support and assistance to front-liners with and emphasis on nurses during crises.

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